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    Orlando Science
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    Orlando Science
    Let's Nominate Mr. Akyalcin for Math Hero Award! more...
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by Orlando Science - Saturday, 25 April 2015, 11:04 AM
Dear Parents, Guardians and High School Students,
The College admissions process has never been more competitive, so it is crucial for students to prepare a strong admissions campaign. This includes getting the highest possible scores on standardized tests such as SAT and ACT.  Students should take SAT and/or ACT at least once before the junior year. This year's remaining SAT and ACT Test dates and deadlines are below. You can register before the deadline of the tests. Please see Mr. I for details.

SAT Registration Dates at

ACT Registration Dates at  

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Let's Nominate Mr. Akyalcin for Math Hero Award!
by Orlando Science - Wednesday, 8 April 2015, 09:40 AM

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Each year Raytheon recognizes up to 30 teachers as "Math Heroes" for their effective, innovative methods to promote student enthusiasm and achievement in math and science.

Nominated by students, parents and school administrators, these middle and high school math and science teachers are honored for using interactive and creative learning approaches to make math real and relatable for their students.

 Each Math Hero receives a $2,500 award and a matching grant for his or her school. Winners are selected based on compelling submissions from nominators on the effective and creative ways teachers work with students in math and science, drawing on new and advanced approaches.

 Raytheon is pleased to offer the MathMovesU Math Hero Awards Program. This program is intended to recognize excellence in math or science teaching. I would like to nominate Mr. Akyalcin for this award.  I’m sharing this program with you so you can also nominate Mr. Akyalcin for this great award. All we need to do is complete the attached pdf file and submit it. Directions are on the second page of the file.  

Here is the link for details; (Submission deadline Thursday, April 30, 2015)

Mr. Akyalcin's Information for the submission form:

Name: Abdulkerim Akyalcin
Address: 2427 Lynx Lane Orlando, FL 32804
Phone Number: (407) 253 7304
Please click here to Nominate Mr. Akyalcin for Math Hero Award!

"Math Heroes are passionate professionals who challenge their students to be curious and confident, to discover how math shapes their world." -- Pamela Erickson, Raytheon Vice President of Corporate Affairs.
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Online Resources
by Orlando Science - Wednesday, 21 January 2015, 03:44 PM

Dear Parents and Students,

Orlando Science Schools is using a web based student progress monitoring system which is called OSS Connect. Students and parents have access the website with a pre-generated username and password. OSS Connect provides the most recent  information regarding to the student’s progress, and a variety of sources.  Parents and Students may find the following information in OSS Connect below.

  • Recent Student Overall Course Grades
  • Student Commendations and Behavioral Progress
  • Detail Course Resources, Course Syllabus, Chapter Resources
  • Homework and Classwork Soft Copies, Uploaded Lesson of a Day
  • Long Term Project Timeline and Resources such as Science Fair and History Fair
  • Assignment Calendar of the Courses
  • Weekly Student Reports E-mails
  • Staff Directory
  • Orlando Science Event Calendar
  • Online Academic Resource Access such as AR, Studyisland and Brain Pop

Please login to your OSS Connect account using your login and password. If you lost user name and passwords, please contact front office phone extension 100.

Below you may find web sites and detail information for our online resources.

These websites will help our students increase comprehension of Florida State Standards and to achieve better results from FSA and EOC tests! Your student has the same password and username for all these three online resources. If you lose your username and password, please contact the front office phone extension 100. Should you have any questions or problems accessing these sites, please contact with the school.

Study Island is an online resource that reinforces what's being taught in your student’s class, but it approaches it in a different way. As students answer questions in Study Island, they're learning, reviving, peer tutoring and they also feel like they're playing a video game in Game Mode. This promotes students' acquisition of skills while making learning interactive and fun. The web address is:

AR utilizes the ATOS readability formula—a verified measure of quantitative text complexity for the Common Core State Standards. Each book with an AR Quiz has an ATOS book level and an interest level—a qualitative measure of text complexity. This information is free and easily accessible on AR BookFinder. The ATOS Analyzer allows you to submit text and instantly receive an ATOS level. The web address is:

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